ALEXANDRA LASRY : "Light in all its colours"

‘Somewhere over the rainbow’


I was extremely lucky to win the Prize awarded by the Public at the 32nd Festival of Mouans-Sartoux in 2018, and to be able once again to exhibit my photos this year, in the magnificent Chateau of Mouans-Sartoux. I offer you a photographic voyage through the infinitely small world of macro photography, my favourite field. A true watercolour of the tiny world, this complex technique requires both precision and patience.

Through my exhibition ‘Light in all its colours’, I have endeavoured to highlight the beauty of nature by working on light and its colours. I give you all the shades of the colours of the rainbow, and more besides!

Abstract details of nature, shadows and light, blur, water drops, will all be at the centre of this colourful spectrum. I wish to take you to a playful universe to awaken in you the magic sensations that colours make on our mind, and their role in our daily life.

Let yourself be transported to the imaginary world of the wonders of nature…

‘Dream your life in colour… it’s the secret of happiness

Walt Disney, in the film Peter Pan

Alexandra Lasry


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