Rules of the game:

Entries either as an individual or as a team, the marathoners have 2 hours to take their photographs to illustrate the theme given. They will have to illustrate two themes.

The two themes:

The first theme is starting at 10am, photos to be submitted by 12 noon.

The second theme is starting at 2pm, photos to be submitted by 4pm.

Mouans-Sartoux provides a rich heritage and many interesting elements within the confines of the town – a large playground to explore with your family and friends as you search for the perfect subjects to best illustrate the requested theme by capturing them with your camera. The photos you submit must be taken within the confines of Mouans-Sartoux on Saturday, June 29th 2019, and must not come from a photo library.

Originality and creativity will be rewarded.

At the end of the 2-hour time limit, each person/team must return to the ‘HQ’ room at the Municipal Police Station to choose and submit the two best photographs in JPEG format, without changing the EXIF metadata.

Equipment required :

Nothing complicated: a camera, comfortable shoes, perhaps one or several friendly creative people also equipped with a camera. Photos taken on a smartphone without an SD card cannot be accepted.

Provide an SD or CFII card that will be uploaded on HQ PCs.

Two categories of participants :

Adults : 15 years and over

Children : Up to 14 years


You will be given an entry form to complete on Saturday 29th June at 9am, on the forecourt of the cinema La Strada (One entry form per team, and payment of 5 Euros per participant is required for those over 18).



  • 09:00 Welcome and inscription of all participants on the forecourt of the Cinema La Strada.A free breakfast will be provided along with the kit for the Marathon.You will be shown the location of HQ, where you must return by the end of your 2-hour Marathon.

  • 10:00 You will be given theme 1.

  • 12:00 - Latest time that theme 1 photos must be submitted at HQ

  • 14:00 – You will be given theme 2 at HQ

  • 16:00 – Latest time that theme 2 photos must be submitted at HQ


  • Price giving ceremony


At the end of the day on Saturday, the jury will meet to review the photos taken by the marathoners and to make a selection from each theme and for each age group. From these photos a winner will be chosen – which could be you!

All the photos taken by the marathoners will be shown on a large screen in the Léo Lagrange hall during the festival on Sunday.

The winners will be announced at 6pm on the Sunday, and the winning photos will be screened at the award ceremony.

Rights to the photographs taken;

This fun event is an occasion to share a common passion for photography. Because we all share with you this passion, we insist on one point: that is that the photos you give us in order to participate in the contest remain your property, and we do not ask you for any transfer of rights, except to allow us to share them in any communication of this event in the different media that may publish this.

Photos taken in private places such as museums, shops or private homes cannot be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the people concerned.

Pricing: Marathon + Festival

5 euros per participant

Free for those under 18, with proof of age required

Those with reduced mobility, and the person accompanying them, have free admission.

Those aged between 15 and 18 compete in the ‘Adult’ category, but admission is free.

Your participation in the Photo Marathon gives you the right to participate in the rest of the Festival during both days.

Look after your bracelet!

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